Name Game Update

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for coming up with totally cool names for me!! I am a really eccentric person. You know what I mean? Please keep the names coming. Rosalinda, Cordelia, Havana, Persephone and Corrine are among my favorites. The more unique the name, the better! One of you guessed Hermoine and although it's totally cool and unique, it's already been taken by the girl in the Harry Potter stories. We need to think of a new, special name just for me!

Enter your names in the "comments" below.

Thanks for playing!

Your Friend,



  1. I think the character's name is Justina.

    Jordanna Grace Age 6

  2. I think the name Shoshanna is cool!

    Jeannie Age 8

  3. I like the name Stephanie.

    Cleo age 3

  4. I think her name should be Megan.


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